High Definition

Natural Sound Signature

The exclusive High Definition Natural Sound Signature (HDNSS) technology has been invented, designed and developed in Italy by UBSOUND.

The formula of HDNSS acoustic technology is based on several criteria and related algorithms, part of which are confidential and not disclosable. In the design process, the acoustic engineering of HDNSS technology emphasizes the physics and acoustic-dynamic approach rather than an electro-acoustic approach.

UBSOUND firmly believes in a better acoustic result thanks to the help of this technology, restoring a more natural harmony and an experience which seems more analog rather than digital.

The HDNSS technology studies rely in part on the theories of the mathematical physicist Manfred Schroeder regarding the internal resonance of the loudspeaker and its soundproofing.

Internal soundproofing

One application of our HDNSS technology is in relation to the soundproofing of the internal wooden panels of the loudspeaker, for which specific sound-absorbing coatings of different sizes, thicknesses, angles and materials have been used.

The perfect sound does not exist, but with this exclusive technology UBSOUND has been able to create a pure, natural and balanced sound.

A sound that succeeds in reproducing an impressive amount of sound details with high fidelity, while retaining a slightly warm tone thanks to the exclusive implementation of the 45° curved asymmetric bass reflex that plays a fundamental role in the homogeneity of the propagation of low frequencies below 200Hz.

This generates an excellent listening soundstage.

Based on the principles of this technology, we define our loudspeakers as “designed by sound“, that is to say the structure, design and materials of the loudspeakers are simply the result of what is really needed to achieve the desired acoustic signature, without any compromise.

Those are the real technical-acoustic, acoustic-dynamic and electro-acoustic needs for a better listening performance.

The goal of HDNSS technology is to create an excellent natural and high definition acoustic signature, hence the acronym “High Definition Natural Sound Signature“.