High   quality   in-ear   earphones   for   smartphones,   tablets,   MP3   players,   DAP,   DAC,   portable   gaming   consoles,   computers   and   any   audio   device with   a   standard   3,5mm   jack.   Maximum   sound   isolation   and   high   performance   playback.   Microphone   for   hands   free   calls   with   a   single   button   to answer   and   hang   up   whilst   calling   and   to   play   and   pause   music.   Ergonomic   design.   Flat   1,2m   tangle   free   wire.   High   tech,   lightweight, professional   quality   materials   for   maximum   fidelity   sound   in   any   condition.   Full   and   round   Bass.   Warm   and   detailed   Mids.   Clean   and   melodic Highs.   Aluminum   body.   3   sets   of   earplugs   included:   S,   M   and   L.   Velvet   feel   pouch   included.   User   guide   included.   High performance   8mm   independent   dynamic   drivers.   Sensitivity:   92dB/mW.   Frequency   response:   20Hz   -   20.000Hz. Maximum   distortion:   <0,5%.   Impedance:   32Ω.   You'll   be   amazed   by   the   performance   of   your   UBSOUND   Fighter earphones.


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We thought of you as if you were a friend, an audio expert, demanding and always looking for maximum performance. We thought of all possible scenarios in which you will use our earphones: during sport, by the sea, on the snow, travelling, for business, on holiday and during your free time. We wanted to give you the best, so we created UBSOUND Fighter. You can choose between four captivating and cool colours. Black: elegantly aggressive just like the name of the earphones. White: clean, essential and perfectly crafted to match your devices. Red: always sporty, strong and with a unique and charismatic style. Blue: refined, particular, fresh and with a strong sense of freedom.
Details always make the difference in style and quality. The Flat-Wire cable is light, ergonomic, sporty and tangle free. The high quality 3,5 mm jack is universal, for mp3 players, smartphones and tablets. The included carry pouch is elegant and useful to protect your new jewel. The packaging is intentionally minimal, a shell for an audio masterpiece. Our aim is to slowly make you fall in love with UBSOUND with our refined design and the high quality of our audio products. Every day we take on the hardest challenge: satisfying our customers, an increasingly demanding audience. This is the mission in which we strongly believe.
Sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. The five senses. We worked on hearing and did it in a passionate way. Closing our eyes we concentrated exclusively on the emotions, which gently enter the ear until they reach the eardrum. This is the foundation of our daily work at UBSOUND. We wanted earphones that would be perfect for listening to music. At the same time, we wanted maximum performance for hands free calls. We managed to give you the maximum performance in both, sound and voice. We also maintained a perfect balance between quality, design and light weight. The results achieved with UBSOUND Fighter are amazing.
We intentionally focused our attention on sound supremacy. Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical, Dance, Pop and Live music. A tough challenge, achieved. We concentrated on full and round bass, without forgetting the mid and highs. The result is a full and rich sound, with a V-Shaped acoustic signature, clear and with maximum ambient soundproofing. Distortion is minimal and the quality of sound reproduction is astonishing, with a perfect soundstage 8mm independent dynamic drivers. Sensitivity: 92dB/mW. Frequency range: 20Hz - 20.000Hz. Impedence: 32Ω. Maximum distortion at max volume: <0,5%. 1.2m Flat-Wire cable. Universal 3,5mm jack for Smartphones, Mp3 players, DAPs, DACs, computers and Tablets. Ergonomic aluminium body. High quality microphone with a single button. Perfection does not exist, but we tried our best to get as close as possible.
In order to comprehend the importance of using high quality earphones like UBSOUND’s Fighter and Smarter we asked Alberto Barbero, composer and professor of Harmony & Musical Analysis at the Conservatory of Piacenza (Italy), for an authoritative opinion. Maestro, what does a modern day composer’s workload consist of and how can earphones be useful for his everyday tasks? In romantic iconography, the composer is always portrayed whilst writing and sitting down in front of a piano: the piano was in fact the most widely used work instrument. Today’s composers can count on a vast number of modern instruments like computers, synthesizers and samplers. In this sense, listening to the actual moment the sound is produced is essential. This is why speakers, headphones and earphones have become such important tools for us.
What do you think about UBSOUND’s earphones? The key point is that speakers and headphones have reached good quality standards. This is not so for earphones and this is why I didn’t use them. It’s frustrating to work hours on refined and complex instruments if, when you re-listen to your work, all parts merge into a single sound and you can’t hear the diversity. Regarding this point, UBSOUND’s earphones are a real step forward. As a Professor, how can you use earphones? At an academic level, music analysis represents such a vast field that a Professor has to study scores daily. I often work at night or whilst travelling, when it is important that you don’t disturb others  and that you’re not disturbed by ambient noise. I was greatly impressed by the excellent soundproofing of these earphones and by the amount of detail whilst listening to music.